NEW SPECIAL ISSUE PUBLISHED: ‘Social justice, human rights, and sustainability of traditional arts’



This special issue illuminates the multifaceted and sometimes surprising relationships between social justice, human rights, and the sustainability of traditional arts. Through six case studies across four continents, it reveals how vibrant and viable traditional arts practices can be formidable instruments in the pursuit of social justice and human rights, but can also work against them. It shows how human rights violations and social injustices threaten the sustainability of traditional arts, but can also counterintuitively underpin them; and how cultural sustainability interventions may have beneficial, but also complex, ramifications for human rights and social justice. Contributing to critical scholarship on the role of vibrant cultural practices in equitable, inclusive, and thriving societies, this special issue offers new insights into the important ethical, methodological, and practical implications of its vast topic. 


Introduction to “Social justice, human rights, and sustainability of traditional arts”

Catherine Grant


Wellbeing, cultural protection, and sustainability of traditional music among children and young adult Syrian refugees: The case of Nefes Music School

Guilnard Jean Moufarrej


The importance of the “Mazowsze” National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble in initiatives to sustain and revitalize folk music and dance in Poland.

Katarzyna Ewa Skiba


Music and the African girl child: Sustainability and resistance in Pot Drum Music

Ruth Opara


Far from forgotten: Bharatanatyam, cultural infrastructure, and the conundrum of promoting equity when funding US-based state folklife apprenticeships

Aruna Kharod


Participatory ethnomusicology: An epistemic approach to social justice, human rights, and the sustainability of the traditional arts of minorities

Subash Giri


Revitalizing Potehi practice: Preservation, innovation, and transmission by Rumah Cinwa in contemporary Indonesia

Yuan-Hsin Tung, Dewi Woro Retno Mastuti